Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle

What is a Ceramic Coating? 

Ceramic coating is an added layer of protection that unlike traditional wax that only last a couple months, the ceramic coating will last years if cared for properly. It enhances the gloss of your paint, keeps your vehicle cleaner longer, helps reduce swirl and small scratches from normal wear and tear, and it has water beading properties that helps repel water. (hydrophobic).Cleaning of bugs is a breeze, And Maintenaince Washing take a fraction of the time.   these are only a few of its amazing benefits.

Ceramic Coating can be very labor intensive, thus a higher price associated with them than a traditional wax. Think of it as you are sealing everything in, but before you do, you need have the paint free of imperfections. In order to do that, depending on the condition of the paint,  Removing those Imperfections are needed to remove those imperfections.


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Our Guarantee

You are Making an invest into your Vehicle. We Guarantee all  our Coatings as long as they have been maintained properly. If they fail at any point we will take care of the issue.  

Four Coatings Available

Option 1: A 1 year Durability Graphene Ceramic spray coating,
comes with a Iron decontamination wash, claybar, finishing Polish and Spray coating applied. This option will help Brighten and clean the paint and bring back that shine, can not guarantee any paint correction. $200-$260

Option 2: A 2 year Nano Ceramic Coating. Comes with a Iron Decontamination wash, claybar, Cutting polish, a Finishing polish followed with the Coating. This Option will remove hazing and very light swirl marks and scratches. $350-$450

Option 3: A 5 Year Nano Ceramic Coating. Comes with Iron Decontamination wash, claybar, 1 step Paint correction, which includes a medium Compound cut, cutting polish, and Finishing Polish, Followed by Ceramic coating. This will help with about 60% of paint defects and Really bring that shine back. $600-$800

 Option 4: A 5 year Nano Ceramic Coating. Comes with, Iron decontamination, clay bar. 2 step Paint Correction, which includes a Heavy Cutting Compound, Medium Cutting Compound, Cutting Polish, and a finishing Polish, Followed by the Ceramic coating. This will really help bring back That Better than new look and will remove up to 85% of Paint Defects. 


*Wheels Can Be done for each Package, and are a add on. 

**Windows are Coated at no additional charge. 

Wanting to keep my Subaru looking as new and easy to maintain as possible Justin recommended a Ceramic Coating be applied to it. After reading online the benefits of this application, and comparing his prices I decided to try it. Wow, not only was he 1/3 what the dealership wanted, the difference it made to the car is astounding. Hard to explain how water can run off a car differently but it does, the shine is amazing. I understand less mud and dust will stick to it. My dealings with Justin was that of talking to a professional who knows his business and products. I highly recommend him. 

Jan Roberts, 3/2021


Scratch Repair/ Chip Repair

Accidents happen, scratches happen. Some are deep some are light. Before running to a body shop to get those unsightly scratches repainted, rock chips repaired, and paying thousands to have a new paint job applied; Stop by and have it assessed. Believe it or not most scratches can be "buffed out."